The Navy Trench

When a woman enters a room wearing a well-tailored trench coat you take notice, a lesson I learned from my grandmother. Outfitted in her floorlength Burberry trench, she possessed a polished sophistication that, without fail, commanded attention every time she walked through the doorway. Muriel was a firm believer that style is a reflection of self and that a woman should always wear her clothes, her clothes should never wear her. A truly rare combination of old world construction with enduring appeal, trench coats hold a special place in my heart. Their sleek lines, genderless cut, deep pockets, belted waist, double breasted buttons and signature epaulets are a testament to timeless design. This fall I purchased my first trench coat. Mine is navy and American-made, Muriel's was not. But every time I slip my arms through the sleeves I can picture her walking up the driveway, a vision of effortless elegance. Images 1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5.