Winter White


If ever a winter is more deserving of a well-insulated coat, I have no interest in meeting it. Record-breaking lows have left us with two options: move to a warmer climate, or accept coats as second skin. As appealing as oceanfront property is, Emerson Fry has made the decision a bit more economical. Her collection of incredibly amazing outerwear helped make these bone-chilling temperatures enjoyable, at least sartorially. Slipping my arms into soft, supple wool every time I greet the arctic air in Emerson's stunning single welt coat hasn't left me wishing for warmer weather just yet, although Emerson Fry has spring wear completely covered.


Emerson Fry Single Welt Coat c/o, Emerson Fry  Sweater c/o, J Brand 814 Cigarette Leg, Randolph Engineering Aviators