It's the Weekend

Quite possibly, no, definitively, my favorite music video of all time. At least at this moment in time. Makes me nostalgic for skating rinks, in the summer, in the '80's. Even though in the '80's I was a toddler and would have never been at a skating rink in the summer. But if I were, I would want it to be exactly this. It's like if The Way, Way Back, Roller Girl from Boogie Nights and Adventureland merged for 5 condensed minutes. Plus, this video stars Sid from The Descendants: the dopey love interest of a pre-the-fault-in-our-stars Shailene Woodley and the unintentional sidekick of a pre-Amal George Clooney. I can't stop watching. And it's Friday, so it is, in fact, the weekend. Enjoy, and have a good one!