Coasting Through Michigan Summers

There's a reason so many songs are written about Michigan summers. It's every bit as beautiful as Tim Allen's lullaby-esque voice recants over scenic video reel. Rogue Wave, Bob Seger and Simon and Garfunkel have all immortalized Michigan's June-through-August allure in their lyrics. Sufjan Stevens dedicated an entire album to the Mitten State. With more than 11,000 lakes, clear, cool waters stretch across miles of coastlands intermittently dotting the landscape  -  its vastness alone makes it a readily available musical muse.

Full disclosure, I'm a little bit biased having spent every summer that I can remember visiting my family's lakehouse in Michigan, tucked away inside the Irish Hills (more full disclosure, this is not a paid advertisement by the Michigan Bureau of Tourism, although it reads like one). This past weekend I was fortunate enough to celebrate the Fourth of July at the lake with a little bit of bubbly propped atop these American-made coasters, literally drinking in the scenery that aptly makes Michigan so undeniably song-worthy.