Little has as much effect on decor as lighting. Cast under the right light, a room can instantly transform from overtly spacious to intimate. Michelle Steinback's line of industrial light fixtures has the ability to do both. When Michelle couldn't find the European modernist pieces she envisioned for her own home renovation, she began churning out designs from her basement in Portland, Oregon. Within a few months Michelle had stockpiled enough supplies to launch Cedar & Moss, a lighting line dedicated to producing "a more tightly edited version of modern." Michelle sources her materials from several states across the U.S.;  glass from West Virginia, wire from Massachusetts and brass components from LA. The result of this tri-state fusion is absolutely stunning.  1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./ 6./ 7.


Pendleton Pillows by Rais Case


I have a weakness for companies that create their own lines using Pendleton's iconic fabrics. Rais Case being the most recent addition to the growing list of Pendleton-based brands on my radar. In 2010, Art Teacher Julie Ellis launched Rais Case in her living room with the simple desire to create vibrant laptop cases designed from Pendleton fabric. Almost four years later, Julie's side project is now a full-blown business venture, having relocated from her living room to a storefront in Del Mar, California, which also serves as her studio space. I came across Rais Case's online shop while searching for new pillow cases and immediately fell in love with the rich textures and bold patterns. After purchasing these aztec-inspired pillow cases, I am even more in love with the pop of print that Pendleton fabric provides against my cream quilt. Julie also constructs some amazing music-festival-worthy fanny packs. Shop her entire collection here. Olive is pictured wearing Grey Paw Design's Arrowhead Print Collar.