Odette New York | Torne Valley


I've worn gold jewelry almost exclusively my entire life. However, It wasn't always by choice. When the piercing gun punctured my ears at eight years old, gold was the only metal my skin could tolerate. Since then, my ears' relationship with non-precious metal has evolved, but my taste in jewelry has not. So I was thrilled to discover Odette New York's Brooklyn-based line of wax carved jewelry cast in brass, gold's more affordable counterpart. Odette's latest collection, Torne Valley, named for the fertile valley that lies at the border of Sweden and Finland, draws from minimalist design. The perfect organically-inspired accessories for spring. View the entire lookbook here.


Curated Collection | Wheat & Co.


“Everyone has a story. We are all part of a robust narrative; a motley collection of ideas, people, places & experiences that form our particular story.” – Wheat & Co. Dedicated to providing the “cream of the crop” of American made goods, Wheat & Co.’s curated online shop is a homegrown haven of varied treasures for house and wear including items from a few of my faves: Heidi Merrick, Fischer Clothing and Richer Poorer. Peep the Tennessee based company’s lookbook below and browse their handpicked selections