Mr. Kate | Ars Magika

Spring is a fickle temptress. Sporadic days of high temps sprinkled in between biting cold winds, always leave me wanting more warm weather. Perhaps spring's brevity is what makes it so magical. Mr. Kate's latest collection, Ars Magika, encompasses the allure of the season, celebrating nature's reawakening with ethereal jewelry pieces and gold foil faux makeup designed for your face and body. Applied like temporary tattoos, the hand drawn makeup designs can be cut and worn however you please. Check out the entire lookbook here.

Handmade in Los Angeles. 

Handmade in Los Angeles. 

Mr. Kate | Winter Rose

A collection by any other name would look as sweet. Winter Rose, Mr. Kate's latest lookbook is equal parts rose-hued models and metalwork. Handcrafted in Los Angeles by Kate Albrecht, the delicate wax roses and thorns are hand dipped in 18 karat yellow and rose gold. View the stunning lookbook here and shop its entirety here.

American Style Icon | Lauren Hutton

America's unequivocal androgynous darling. An unconventional gap, insatiable wanderlust and magnetic personality made Lauren Hutton the industry's muse. For four decades she's served as an ambassador and philanthropist, extending her reach far beyond the fashion industry while maintaining a commanding presence within it. An alarming feat considering most models receive an expiration date on their 30th birthday. A wanderer at heart, Lauren was raised in Charleston, South Carolina, as "a tomboy who explored the swamp behind her house with the regularity of a Mark Twain character." —Alex Simon, Venice Magazine. An apparently apt depiction of a childhood that led Lauren to pursue modeling as a means "to see the world, to make enough money to travel and experience other cultures." Lauren's fashion choices are a direct reflection of her inquisitive lifestyle, consistently opting for clothing that won't inhibit her from her next adventure. Today Lauren wears her beauty like a badge, a tangible reflection of her inner-self that has only enhanced with age.

1. A.O.T.C. Mandarin Button Down Shirt - Made in Los Angeles, California. 2. alice + olivia Eric Pants - Made in USA.  3. B-Low The Belt Double Wrap Belt - Made in USA.  

Get Weird

Mr. Kate's latest collection takes inspiration from "being in your element" and playing up your personality with nine LA-crafted pieces. Charming chains, whimsical feathers and cheeky words epitomize Mr. Kate's signature style, so you'll never feel out of your element. See the entire look book & shop the collection here.