Curated Collection | Wheat & Co.


“Everyone has a story. We are all part of a robust narrative; a motley collection of ideas, people, places & experiences that form our particular story.” – Wheat & Co. Dedicated to providing the “cream of the crop” of American made goods, Wheat & Co.’s curated online shop is a homegrown haven of varied treasures for house and wear including items from a few of my faves: Heidi Merrick, Fischer Clothing and Richer Poorer. Peep the Tennessee based company’s lookbook below and browse their handpicked selections


East Dane | Shopbop for Men

This September Shopbop debuted its other half, East Dane, an ecommerce site created for sartorially savvy males. With over 135 brands in its repertoire, and style guides with editorial appeal, East Dane serves as a one-stop-shop for the add-to-cart inclined.  Best of all, East Dane has an impressive collection of heritage brands manufactured on American soil, including the five items below. Like most good couples, East Dane and Shopbop adhere to the "what's mine is yours" adage, meaning customers can utilize one cart while shopping both sites. Checking out this Christmas just got easier. I think it's pretty obvious Shopbop's new beau is a keeper. 1./*Lookbook images courtesy of East Dane.

The Navy Trench

When a woman enters a room wearing a well-tailored trench coat you take notice, a lesson I learned from my grandmother. Outfitted in her floorlength Burberry trench, she possessed a polished sophistication that, without fail, commanded attention every time she walked through the doorway. Muriel was a firm believer that style is a reflection of self and that a woman should always wear her clothes, her clothes should never wear her. A truly rare combination of old world construction with enduring appeal, trench coats hold a special place in my heart. Their sleek lines, genderless cut, deep pockets, belted waist, double breasted buttons and signature epaulets are a testament to timeless design. This fall I purchased my first trench coat. Mine is navy and American-made, Muriel's was not. But every time I slip my arms through the sleeves I can picture her walking up the driveway, a vision of effortless elegance. Images 1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5.

Be this for Halloween | Jane Margolis

1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./A tattoo artist without any tattoos. A fresh off the wagon addict. The landlord of her meth-cooking boyfriend. Jane Margolis was a tragic character. A tragic character with an undeniably distinct style. If you're still mourning the loss of Breaking Bad's most romanticized relationship or the loss of Breaking Bad in general, slipping into Jane's black-based wardrobe may be the medicine you crave. Aaron Paul certainly approves.