Holiday Gift Guide for your Father

Dads always seem to be the easiest to shop for during the holiday season since they usually have a few practical gift ideas idling on the back burner, with no real preference in terms of brand or color. While their gifts may be easy to find, they also veer toward being somewhat boring. In an effort to find American made gifts with a little more panache for my dad this year, I may have stumbled across a veritable gift-giving gold mine for dads: Uncommon Goods.

Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Uncommon Goods is an online marketplace that offers creatively designed, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. The site houses an array of retailers' goods, which can easily keep you occupied for the duration of the afternoon. The following pieces are among my top American made picks for dads this holiday season. There is nothing more exciting than finding the perfect gift for your father, one that is equal parts out of the box and extraordinary.

1. Dog Blueprints $185, Made in California. 2. Reclaimed Slate Cheese Board $48, Handmade in Wisconsin from recycled materials. 3.  Cardboard Animal Heads $28-$58, Made of 100% recycled cardboard in Virginia. 4. Whiskey Stones and Gift Set $19.50-$58, Natural Soapstone "ice cubes" milled in Perkinsville, Vermont, by the oldest soapstone workshop in the United States. Glasses made in Slovenia & the Czech Republic. 5. Pizza Cutter $36, Handmade for lifelong use by Al Stephens in Alabama. 6. Wine Cask Artisan Board $130, Handmade in Texas. 7. Fishlights $295-$495, Handmade by Glassfire Studio artisans in Salt Lake City. 8. Real Sugar Maple Leaf Nightlight $38, Handmade in California. 9. Soda Bottle Bird Feeder Kit $10, Made in the USA. 10. Tube-Wringer $21.95, Made in the USA. 11. Wallet Pen $8-$70, Handmade in Vermont.