Holiday Gift Guide for your Girlfriends

This holiday season marks the first (of many to come) in which I will be purchasing all of my gifts from companies that manufacture their products in the U.S. With such a wide array of amazing American made goods on the market, the task has been extremely entertaining  and rewarding. Given the fact that the average American spends approximately $704 on holiday gifts, totaling more than $465 billion annually, the holidays are an important time to support the types of companies and products you want to endorse. According to ABC News, if each American spent their $704 entirely on American made products we would create 4.6 million jobs in the U.S.  While getting every American to purchase solely American made products may seem like an impossible feat, it seems completely plausible for every American to simply invest $64 on American made goods this holiday shopping season, which would create an impressive 200,000 American jobs.

To get you started I will be posting a series of gift guides with amazing American made items targeted toward specific loved ones. The following gift guide for friends was the easiest to assemble considering that when I shop for my friends I tend to imagine that I am shopping for myself.

1.Clare Vivier La Pouchete $145, Made in LA   2.Frieda & Nellie English Disco Garden $178, Made in NYC 3.DANNIJO Lindsay Friendship Bracelet $80, Made in NYC   4.VeraMeat Skeleton's R US bracelet $54, Made in NYC Girlie Chiffon Bow $25, Made in LA Heart Shoe Clips $25, Made in LA  7. Crystal Bowtie Shoeclips $55   8.Anthropologie Honeyed Hive Posts$32, Made in USA   9.Graphic Image Personalized Case for iPads $110, Made in USA   10.Anthropologie Bundled Up Critter Candles $19.95, Made in USA   11.Anthropologie The Collectors Charm Numbers $15, Made in USA