White Elephant Holiday Gift Guide

White elephant exchanges typically involve gag gifts that most people would rather do without, but I prefer to play the game by having all of the participants bring something they would actually want to receive. Instead of buying all of your relatives presents for Christmas this year, why not opt for a white elephant exchange and skip the hassle? White elephant exchanges are much more fun, and you also (kind of) get to choose your gift. My family began this tradition about five years ago and it has become one of my favorite Christmas pastimes.

While looking for a white elephant gift this year I came up with the following American made ideas, all of which I would love to end up with.

1. On the Rocks Set $34, Made in Louisiana. 2. Al Stephens Hand Forged Cheese Slicer $30, Made in Northern Alabama. 3. Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors $6 - $48, Made in Brooklyn, NY. 4. Maptote Napa Valley Wine Tote $13, Made in Brooklyn, NY. 5. Maptote Dropp Kit $28, Made in Brooklyn, NY. 6. NATIVE(X) Medeek Scarf in Red $30, Made in Portland, OR. 7. Yankee Candles $14.99, Made in USA. 8. Cycle Care Kit $15, Made in Atlanta, GA.

How to play...

Everyone brings one wrapped gift, which does not exceed a particular price point. My family opts to purchase gifts in the $25-$30 range. Each person draws a number from a bowl that determines the order in which they get to pick their present. The person who draws number one selects the first gift and unwraps it, then player two either has the option to take the first player's gift or choose to unwrap a new one. Each subsequent player has the same option to either open a new gift or steal someone else's unwrapped present. A gift can be taken up to three times before it can no longer be stolen by another player. If your gift is stolen you then have the option to take someone else's gift or pick a new one to unwrap from the pile. The best part of a white elephant exchange is battling over the most coveted items, and not knowing what you are going to end up with!