Gift Guide for The Graduate

Remember that distinct feeling you had the day you graduated high school? Like your whole life had been waiting for this very moment to begin. Naïvely honestly believing that anything was possible and your future was literally beckoning you forward. I came across  Wildfox's Dazed and Confused Lookbook from 2009 (made in LA) and I was instantly transported back to those final days of high school, knowing that there were only three months left until everything changed. It made me think about how my 18 year-old-self envisioned my future self. Do you remember how you thought your life would be post-graduation? Take a moment to scan Wildfox's spot-on interpretation of the 70's-based cult classic, it's amazingly nostalgic. And if you know any high school students bidding their youth goodbye in the upcoming days, check out my American-made gift guide for grads.
1. Homage Womens Buckeye State $28, Made in Columbus, Ohio. 2. La Mer Collections Pyramid Stud Wrap Watch $106, Made in USA. 3. Maya Brenner State Charm Necklace $399, Made in Los Angeles. 4. Duluth Canvas Flatpack $169, Made in USA. 5. Susy Jack Ikat Lined Notebook 12, Made in New York. 6. Jagger Edge Spring Fling iPhone 4 Cover $99, Made in Los Angeles. 7. Chalkboard Globe $112, Made in USA. 8. Susy Jack Pencil Cup - Kilim $9.50, Made in New York. 9. SFK Psychedelic Camera Strap, Made in USA. 10. Joie De Vivre Banner $10, Made in USA. 11. Bowery Lane Bicycles Breukelen $695 Made in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 12. Reach for the Moon Charm Necklace $55, Made in USA. 13. Susy Jack Magnetic Clip Sets $6.50, Made in New York. 14. Uncommon Goods $20 Graduation Good Voodoo Doll, Made in USA.

Holiday Gift Guide for Techies

It is safe to assume that at least one person you will be celebrating the holidays with this season will receive some sort of technological device for Christmas or Hanukkah. It is also safe to assume that everyone you will be celebrating with already owns some sort of technological device. You really can't go wrong with gifting something that is both practical and stunning, which is why I have assembled some of my absolute favorite American made technological accessories for the techie in your life.

1. Jagger Edge iPad Fur V.I.P. $199, Made in Los Angeles, California. 2. Lodis Mosaic Leopard - Dallas Patent Lambskin iPad Case $151.90, Made in USA. 3. The Good Flock iPad 2 Case $59, Handmade in Portland, Oregon. 4. Kwahd iPad Carrying Case Black Clutch $274, Made in New Jersey. 5. Simply White iPhone 4 Vinyl Skin $8.49, Made in USA. 6. Jagger Edge The Montana Collection $98, Made in Los Angeles, California. 7. Jagger Edge Printed Leather Collection Leopard $98, Made in Los Angeles, California. 8. Lodis Astor - Dallas iPad Case $98, Made in USA. 9. Jagger Edge iPad Fringe Collection in Tan $162, Made in Los Angeles, California. 10. Jagger Edge iPad Fringe Collection in Chocolate $162, Made in Los Angeles, California. 11. K Studio Birds iPad Sleeve $40, Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 12. K Studio Everyday People Laptop Case $56, Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 13. The Good Flock iPhone Cases $29, Handmade in Portland, Oregon. 14. Jagger Edge Charm Holder Cover - One Charm Included $118, Made in Los Angeles, California.