Gift Shopping with Anna Bond


Few things in life elicit the joy of a handwritten note. When the words are written on beautiful stationery the sentiment becomes all the more satisfying. Florida based Rifle Paper Co. has mastered the art of pen and paper design with its nostalgic hand painted illustrations and whimsical lettering. In four short years Anna Bond has transformed her two-person business, formerly run out of her one bedroom apartment, into a full-fledged paper empire. Producing some of the most sought-after products on the market, it's apparent Anna's taste level is on point, both in design and gift giving.

On my wishlist… I would not mind sleeping in this coral silk night shirt.

For my dad… My dad loves vintage watches and clocks and I have a feeling he hasn’t heard about the new Shinola American made watches yet so I would love to surprise him with a special gift this year such as this.

For my brother… My little brother is a former Marine living in Charleston and I have a feeling he and his guy friends would love to throw around this handmade leather football.

For my mom… I love this simple canvas and leather tote for my mom to carry to the farmer’s market and other errands.

For my niece… I plan on getting my nieces a whole stockpile of Tattly tattoos like thiscircus set.

My favorite holiday memory… I don’t know that I have one specific memory. It’s more of a collection of great times at home with my family and enjoying one another’s company... Whether it be eating too many holiday cookies, taking a trip into New York City together, or playing games.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Our mothers are arguably the most important people in our lives, considering without them there would be no life in which to have important people. This Mother's Day (May 13), show your mother how much of an impact she has had on shaping your existence by gifting her something made in the United States. Afterall, your mother only wants what's best for you, and what's best for you is supporting the American economy for the sake of your own kids, or if that wagon's still waiting to be hitched, your future kids.
1. Splendid Slouchy Bands Sweater $88, Made in Los Angeles, California. 2. Madder Root Mantinicus Dishtowel Lobster $24, Handmade in USA. 3. Yellow Owl Workshop Kitchen Shimmer Recipe Cards $16, Made in San Francisco, California. 4. Rifle Paper Co. Switchboard Notepad $12, Made in USA. 5. Minimalist Utensil Jar $58, Made in USA. 6. Maximal Art The Collector's Charm Scotty $9.95, Made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 7. Shabby chic, feed sack, Vintage Basset Hound Puppy Graphic with Gingham Welting 14" x 14" pillow sham $29, Made in Riverside Connecticut. Check out the KreativbyErika shop for a wide range of dog breed pillow shams - and cats as well! 8. Anna Rabinowicz Agate Coasters - Set of Four $64, Made in USA. 9. Bootights $3o, Made in North Carolina. Enter code "Mom" for 40% off until May 31. Buy two and shipping is free!! 10. Lollia Shower Gel $22, Made in USA. 11. Clare Vivier Neon Stripe Card Case $66, Made in Los Angeles, California. 12. Duchess Marden Exfoliant $44, Made in USA. 13. Maximal Art The Collector's Charm Vintage Pencil $9.95, Made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Treat Your Presents to American Made Wrapping Paper

I have always been slightly obsessed with wrapping paper and ensuring that the presentation of the gift is just as lovely as what lies inside. Having completed my goal of purchasing all of my presents from American made sources, I began looking for wrapping paper that was also domestically made. I bought my wrapping paper and gift tags from two companies that offer stunning resources for gift-givers. The first being Rifle Paper Co. (I purchased these), which is based in Winter Park, Florida, and the second being On Paper which is located in Columbus, Ohio (I purchased a couple sheets of wrapping paper including this one).

1. Rifle Paper Co. Gift Tags $7 for 10, Made in Winter Park, Florida. 2. On Paper Snow and Graham Red Birds Gift Wrap $4 a sheet, Made in USA. 3. Rifle Paper Co. Screen Printed Pine Wrapping Sheets $15 for three sheets, Made in Winter Park, Florida. 4. Rifle Paper Co. Screen Printed Golden Berries Wrapping Sheets $15 for three sheets, Made in Winter Park, Florida. 5. My Rubber Stamp Recycled Gift Wrapping Boxes $6, Made in Houston, Texas. 6. Klein Cutlery 9135 Scissors Made in Bolivar, New York. 7. Scotch Gift Wrap Tape $2.99 Made in USA.